Star Fury is a text-based browser game
And our mobile app is currently under construction

Can you build your own empire and take over the universe?
You'll need to use a mixture of military force, tactical growth and diplomacy.

Conquer The Universe

Create or join an alliance and wage war to become the strongest in the universe. Attack, raid, explore and work together - it's your only way if you want total domination.

Fast & Slow Paced

While Star Fury itself is slow paced, we also have a more fast paced Hades server. If you want fast paced action - then Hades is the place for you.

Star Fury's features and future

What exactly does Star Fury have to offer? Let's take a look!

  • Responsive

    We're currently building a brand new, responsive in-game layout so that the game looks great on any device!

  • Discord

    The game is heavily integrated into Discord, with a news bot, so that you never miss an update, war or message while you are away.

  • Reddit

    We're in the process of creating a full wiki, with manual and guides, all on our very own Star Fury subreddit.

  • More Features

    More features - more fun! We're doing our best to add and expand in-game features. We want to keep the game moving forward.

  • Patreon

    We want the game to grow and we also want you to help. With Patreon we're hoping to be able to start advertising to find new players.

  • Feedback

    We take onboard as much feedback as possible. We want you to enjoy the game and we'll do our best to make changes in all areas.

Conquer the Universe

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