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The Game

Star Fury is a text based browser game set in space. Your aim is to build an empire, join an alliance and work together to conquer the universe. You have a choice between different races, different technology to research, different ships to build - there are multiple paths to grow your empire, but there is always someone looking to challenge you.

The game itself is tick-based. The main game is 1 hour ticks, perfect for strategic thinking and tactical wars between alliances. We also have a special server, Hades, which will be running 5 minute and occasionally 15 minute ticks. If you favour a fast paced approach to gaming then Hades is the place to be. Of course, you could just play both servers!

Current Team

Aftermath Syaz S
  • Developer
  • Game Admin
  • Discord Admin
  • Round Master
  • Developer
  • Game Admin
  • Discord Admin
  • App Developer
  • Developer


Star Fury was originally launched in 2001 with some early alpha and beta rounds. In 2002 the game launched fully with it's first real servers. Merlin was the original slow tick round, followed by the popular 5 minute ticker, Eclipse.

After several years of development the admin team split, with Eclipse being axed. This created a divide between the player base and over time the game began to fizzle out. The game was then passed to a new admin team who began work to take the game forward. This team eventually passed the game to the current team and here we are!

Credits & Thank yous

We would like to thank the following for their contributions to the game: Cwilms (previous owner, developer and host), Systems (developer and host), James Godish (developer) and Sarah Pantry (developer), _Artredies (IRC mod), Bengal (IRC host), Wangus (IRC mod) and sunken (IRC mod).

Thank you to our current Patrons: V, Spouter, Doobie, swarly, Aizen, Dolon, JesseC, Eriko, crit, Crack, Ninja, Yenni and syaz.

Thank you to former Patrons: Bijou666, Corruptfacta, Jibby, Pepsi, Caelis, Carja, Tantalus, Tom_delonge, Wicket, Swarley, Lucas, Dogg, smithba, Nixxon, Haunter, Tubby, Jamn00dle and Xerud.

Thank you to historical donors: Wangus, MadJack, Evilpoptart, Stefan S., haxx0rmunchkin, s0und, WaRmAsTeR, Rob Johnson, Katt, Dayum, Dolon, Agamemnon, Nixxon, Haze, Alec Salvati, [SP], Dogg, Mystical Parrot, Broken Dreams, Wayne Breen and Haunter.